What Readers Say

“Simply breathtaking…I’ve NEVER encountered anything like this. It has changed my fragile world I fear. For the better, as I come to understand myself a little better.”

“Your book was a lifeline in my recovery and realisation of my true self…it was a relief to hear your story and to know that I am not facing this shake up alone, that my experiences although not mainstream are normal.”

“Your book has inspired me to think about having a few days away walking by myself – something which I have never done.”

“Beautifully written, and oh-so relatable.”

“Thank you for writing this wonderful book. It’s a beautifully told story and it’s also given me much to think about!”

“Compelling and transformative. I could not put this book down so I stayed in bed and read it in one go… Katherine’s generous, warm and open voice could change how you think about autism.”

“The astonishing sensitivity and awareness in her writing, both about the beautiful landscapes and nature around on her walks, and in relation to her family, friends and self put paid to many outdated myths about what it is like to be autistic.”

“This is a simply outstanding book, and not just because I identify with the author’s journey in discovering her autism. I just fell into it and feel as if I have visited wild, beautiful, muddy and steep places I have never seen. I love her total honesty and humour.”

“A warm, descriptive book, full of the beauty of the South West seen through a vibrant and different perspective – one of the best reads I’ve had for a while.”

“This was raw, emotional, revelatory and cathartic to read…A really delightful book.”

“Truly unable to put this book down, an amazingly insightful, brutal, funny yet thought provoking book. My book of the year.”

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